Client: RIS Dilbeek, Belgium (Raad voor Internationale Samenwerking)
Type: International Cooperation, cultural event
Status: realized
Theme: daily wages of common laborers in the Western Cape, South-Africa
Medium: photography & digital collage 
Location/Date: Vijverfestival Dilbeek, Belgium, July 2013
For their pitch at the annual music festival in the municipality of Dilbeek, Belgium, RIS requested a series of photographic portraits of blue collar workers in the Western Cape, accompanied by a notion of their daily wages to visualize  the shockingly low wages of the average worker in South-Africa. One portrait had to depict a well-off landowner by the way of contrast. Below is a suggestion for projection on site, followed by a selection of a few portraits.

 Illustration to suggest dimensions for presentation.

Cleaning lady Pinky NOMLISWA (35 yrs.) € 11,5/day

Policeman Anathi SILOSINI (29 yrs.) € 27/day

Unemployed, graduate in tourism & communication Chevonne PRINCE (23 yrs.) € 0/day

Road signaller Gladys ALBERTO (37 yrs.) € 12,5/day

Farm Worker Bongile MAQWARA (33 yrs.) € 8/day

From left to right: waitresses Chrichantelle and Bongi at Restaurant Le Coq, souvenir-entrepreneur Gift Mc Cloud and 'poor' farmer De Necker who was so kind to pose as the antagonist in the play.

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