Platform: Month of Photography Cape Town/ WDC 2014
Type: Community Forum
Status: proposal
Theme: INNER/OUTER Stellenbosch
Media: multi-media, conceptual content
Location/Date: Stellenbosch/Cape Town,2014

2014 flyer

Cover of the 2014 event proposal 

A second edition of Cinema Vietnam was developed on request of the 5th Biennial Month of Photography of Cape Town-administration as part of their Stellenbosch Week of Photography program (SWOP) for that year's World Design Capital Cape Town 2014. The Inner/Outer Stellenbosch theme (read 1st/3rd World Stellenbosch) was met through a select program of screenings, lectures and contemporary dance performance on the one hand and the choice of the event locations in the Kayamandi township of Stellenbosch (= outer) and the Conservatoire Building of the University of Stellenbosch (= inner). The difference with the festival-concept of the first edition, was to deliberately choose the audience via invitation from different lobby groups in Stellenbosch so to encourage debate.

Project Gallery

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