Poster, inspired by Pumzi actress Kudzani Moswela. 

Digitally composed collage of photographs and material of the original Vietnam informal settlement and a cryptic poem by way of a teaser.

A teaser, juxtaposing the SF-film Pumzi by Kenyan director Wanuri Kahiu and Ousmane Sembène's black& white classic La Noire de... .
The origin of the project is entwined with the penchant to see art as a self-evident part of society. I like to imagine that P.P. Rubens' studio embodied this quality of being totally embedded in its era. When one looks at Rubens' monumental paintings as if it were movie posters, you might see them coming alive perhaps somewhat like their contemporaries did. The below event- teaser plays around ways of perception and historical and cultural representation and contexts by combining 'Peace and War' from Rubens and a group portrait of the founding members of the African National Congress.

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